Counter-UAV / Counter-UAS Solutions

Problems with unlicenced, unprofessional and reckless UAV and UAS operators disrupting your event? Worried about the threat of adversaries using UAV and UAS for surveillance, or as a delivery system?

We at UAS have various Counter-UAS / Counter-UAV solutions to secure your airspace and privacy. From direction finders and identification systems, to sophisticated RF systems to directly counter the UAS threat.

Operational Services

We provide fully equipped and experienced operational teams that can be deployed at short notice to a variety of locations to deal with your C-UAV / C-UAS requirements. We provide airspace security for large events and gatherings.


The holistic and integrated approach required to defeat and reduce the threat of UAS / UAV incursions into restricted airspace thorough, detailed and yet cost effective training is required at all levels of policy maker, command and practitioner. We will design and implement all your training requirements and integrate this with your C-UAV and C-UAS strategy to include new equipment procurement programs and the introduction of the latest systems in the markets.

Our training is bespoke and focused on customer requirements produced by a thorough ‘top down’ study of your current situation, the threat posed to you and of your future capability requirements. We run training courses in the following areas:

C-UAV Instructors Course
C-UAV Operators Courses

UAS Consulting has almost a decade of UAV/UAS systems integration and deployment experience. With extensive field operations experience in 3 continents and over 6 countries spanning Asia, Europe and Africa.

** For AFP/PNP/DND/LGU customers only **