1st CAAP UAV Stakeholder Conference


CAAP UAV Stakeholder Conference

(Pasay City, Philippines) – The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) recently opened its doors to a “UAV Industry Stakeholder” Conference with various Philippine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operators, as well as the Philippine Remote Control Congress (PRCC) and recreational RC flying fields on February 27, 2015 at the CAAP Director General’s Conference Room.

CAAP officials and department heads that were present at the Conference. Capt. Beda Badiola – Assistant Director General and Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of the Flight Standards Inspectorate Service; Capt. Efren Rocamora – OIC of the Regulatory Standards Department; Capt. Manuel Foronda – OIC of the Licensing Department; Capt. Nes Del Castillo – OIC of the Flight Operations Department and Engr. Alimben Nara of the Airworthiness Department.
A number of UAV Operators attended the forum which encompasses a wide berth of industries and backgrounds that utilize multirotor / fixed wing UAV’s.

The main topic of discussion is the CAAP’s Memorandum Circular MC 35-14 which is the recent amendment of the Philippine Civil Aviation Regulations (PCAR) Part 4 and Part 11 in the registration of UAV’s, its controllers and operators. The recently concluded Conference gave a chance for the UAV operators to seek consultation and guidance with regards to the new UAV regulations.

After half a day of invigorating discussions between the CAAP, UAV industry stakeholders and recreational aeromodelers. The UAV Industry Stakeholders Conference came to a successful conclusion. The Conference achieved several important outcomes with a very positive impact in the Philippine UAV industry, as well as the recreational UAV and RC aeromodelers.

Reference: GMA News : “CAAP: Drones for commercial use must be registered”. 1/29/2015.

UAS head organized the meeting with the CAAP on behalf of various Philippine UAV operators. To gather as much industry stakeholders to air concerns on current Philippine UAV regulations.